Physical Movement

Our K-3rd grade kids have Physical Movement because the PTA pays for it!

There are health standards and physical education standards at all grade levels. Research on perceptual movement show that cognitive and sensory motor skills help people interact with the environment as well as hand-eye coordination.  These skills play a role in performance in academic subjects.


Mileage Club is a lunchtime running and walking program for fitness and fun and takes place on the upper field two days a week. The program is designed to encourage all students to increase their fitness level while having fun with their friends during the lunch break.It runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays thoughout the spring. Students will be able to run or walk off some of that energy!

The Mileage Club keeps track of each student's mileage and rewards them along the way. The course is marked on the baseball field near the upper portables and for each lap that the student completes he/she receives a tally mark (8 laps = 1 mile). For every 5 miles the student completes he/she receives a small foot charm. The end goal is for the student to walk/run a marathon (26.2 miles) and for the school, collectively, to walk across the country. Students who achieve the marathon will receive a cool Mileage Club t-shirt, too.

Please encourage your child to take part in this amazing program. Not only do students look forward to getting out to the track, they also set individual goals for that day as well as for the coming weeks. This supervised activity is open to all students.

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